Operation Thunderdome
Operation Thunderdome
Major Kalashnikov
Major Kalashnikov was a professional soldier and army officer, serving under the command of Colonel Joe Moore during the Oil and Water Wars. After the chaos ensued in cities, he became his right-hand man, in the Colonel's organized gang, comprised of ex-soldiers. Well armed and equipped, they evacuated from the coast area further into the outback, marauding and pillaging resources from survivors. Eventually they encountered the artesian water source that will become the Citadel in the future. But the site wasn't vacant - a major battle ensued, and in the end only a duo of Colonel Moore and Major Kalashnikov were left alive of a small assault team, and they eventually slaughtered the enemy forces. Colonel Moore become Immortan Joe, and he later assigned his trusted henchman Major Kalashnikov to restore and command the abandoned lead mine to the west from the Citadel, to manufacture small arms, gunpowder and ammunition. He become the guardian, judge and executioner - the Bullet Farmer. The Bullet Farmer is obsessed with firearms and feels naked without a gun.
 With Immortan Joe, the Major controls the main river that flows through our area but keeps his primary base at Spillway Lake. If you need water, the Major is the man to barter with. The Major loves guns and ammo so if you want to keep what you have you need to keep it locked up tight. 
Production of clean drinking water
All of them
The Major is a business man but would kill anyone for his weapons and water supply. 
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