Operation Thunderdome
Operation Thunderdome
The Organic Mechanic (Doc)
The Organic Mechanic is a doctor responsible for all medical procedures carried out in The Citadel. He is also tattooing captured individuals with information about their health, he is capable of delivering babies, performing blood transfusion and more. His skills are highly regarded which causes him to act nonchalantly. Additionally The Organic Mechanic is known for his horticultural skills spending time tending his garden seems to help him relax.
You get bit or shot up, go see the Organic Mechanic to get fixed up. Doc lives at the hospital and has a nice garden going in the courtyard. Need a pil or a potato go see the Organic Mechanic. 
Medical and Horticulture 
Not much of a shot so a long gun will do the trick
Make sure you make an appointment!
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