Operation Thunderdome
Operation Thunderdome
Colonel Joe Moore (AKA Immortan Joe)
One ordinary Wednesday the power was turned off and it didn't come back again. The world went beyond the tipping poit, Those who could, left the city to a slow death. Those with muscle and ruthlessness, ex-jarheads, devildogs with high and tight haircuts, caches of weapons and the will to use them, men in search of something more, a vision of a new world rising from the ashes of the old world. Their leader, the militant Colonel Joe Moore. Immortan Joe - formerly known as Colonel Joe Moore - was a veteran of The Oil Wars and a hero of The Water Wars. He formed a biker gang terrorizing the people after the fall. His gang included henchmen dubbed Major Kalashnikov and a strategist: Deepdog. With each battle the gang grew stronger. With that, his idea of bringing back society willingly took a dark turn. Eventually he and his gang entered the wasteland, where he would learn about a massive aquifer plant later known as The Citadel.
With the Major, Immortan Joe controls the main river that flows through our area but keeps his primary base at Spillway Lake. If you need water, the Colonel is the man to barter with. The Colonel loves guns and ammo so if you want to keep what you have you need to keep it locked up tight. 
Tactical Leadership and the ability to Survive
He is a Pistol man but anything goes.
Stone hard killer
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