Operation Thunderdome
Operation Thunderdome
Fifi Mcaffee
Aunty claimed that before the pox-eclipse she was a nobody, but the day after, she had the chance to become a somebody, for she was one that survived. She was an Amazon-like woman who ruled with an iron-fist but found herself being challenged by the diminutive Master and his brutish henchman Blaster: Aunty Entity is enraged at this but is unable to publicly oppose the duo of "Master Blaster" due to Master being the only one who knows how to work all the machines that keep Bartertown running. Aunty Entity has great influence over Bartertown, and her scheming, political mind has secured her leadership over the town. She advocates many laws which she claims she wrote, and has established a series of rituals which have woven themselves into her brand of civilization to ensure her continuous leadership.  
You work with Master Blaster controlling Bartertown (Gravetown). Master Blaster controls the oil and you tend to the trading of other needed things. You find that if you control building materials like bedrock you can make people do what you want. 
Master Architect, she has the building materials you need. 
Crossbow and Pistol are her favorites
She don't take no crap!
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