Operation Thunderdome
Operation Thunderdome
Fifi Mcaffee
Fifi led a highly flamboyant life as the chief of the MFP and notably had a love for his houseplants and a pet bird, both of which he kept in his office at the Halls of Justice. Fifi is also extremely optimistic, believing that Heroism is the key to bringing society back from it's crime-risen world.
Fifi is the law in this lawless land. He lives at the Halls of Justice and patrols the land for lawbreakers. In his spare time he likes to tend to his garden. Fifi gets his gas for free from Master Blaster in exchange for looking the other way on things going on in Bartertown. 
Law Enforcement and growing crops 
As a member of the MFP he packs a Magnum, but anything will do in a pinch.
Believes that good will win over evil. 
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