Operation Thunderdome
Operation Thunderdome
Barry was the chief mechanic within the Main Force Patrol's garage. Barry then spent considerable time bringing together various vehicular parts to create the iconic V8 Interceptor. When it was near completion, Jim Goose brought Max down to the underground garage to show him Barry's work. Max was consequently amazed by Barry's creation. Although Max didn't stay on Main Force Patrol for long, he stole Barry's Interceptor to later wage a personal war on the territory's gangs.
Barry is the Mechanic, you need bike parts he is the man to see. Barry rides on the side of good so if you are on the side of the law he is on your side. Barry controls all of the "free area" gas stations and auto yards but don’t bother asking him for gas, they are all out. If you need to get your bike fixed, he has the repair kits and molds to keep you running. Barry is also an accomplished hunter. If it lives in the forest, he will get it into his cooking pot. 
Master Mechanic and Hunter
As a member of the MFP he packs a Magnum, but anything will do in a pinch.
Keep away from the gas stations and auto yards, they belong to Barry!
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