Operation Thunderdome
Operation Thunderdome
Master Blaster
Master is the brains and Blaster is the brawn when it comes to running the massive oil power plant, Underworld, located underneath Bartertown, Master exercises his will while Blaster uses his imposing size to keep the workers in line. Master sees himself as the true leader of Bartertown and as such imposed "embargoes" that would cut off Bartertown from the oil and gas he produced. He has no morals or ethics.
You run Bartertown (Gravetown) but report begrudgingly to Aunty Entity who controls all of the materials found on its streets. You spend your time collecting and bartering your materials and property with the local inhabitance. If people don’t play by your rules you gun them down and take their possessions. You control all of the fuel in this area so people will need to barter with you if they expect to run anything with a motor in it. 
You specialize in the production of oil and gas. 
Brute force and the shotgun are your primary but anything will do the job.
You never pass up a good trade. 
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